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The Made Over Podcast Episode 029 From Broken To Madeover with Ariane De Melo

“Always look inside of you – find connection in that one thing that makes you, you, what you wanted to be before” as quoted from our invited guest, Ariane de Melo, a theater actress, director, TEDx speaker, and a coach who realized which path to take after she has gone through bad experiences and new journey in life.

Ariane was hired as a journalist in Germany after she moved there when she was 19. She was also inspired to write a book from her experience being in a complicated relationship and realized that a once dreamed of her being a journalist was not the right path for her. She came back from what she knew and loved – theater.

After years of realizing and doing what she has and was supposed to do, she applied her education as an actress to promote her book and herself as a coach. She now produces her own Digital Theater Project, consisting of many projects that help non-theater people and Digital Speaker School, a place where every speaker needs.


  • Always go back to something that you love. Find ways to achieve it even if it means that you have to start from scratch.
  • Take the first step in doing what you love.
  • Use your talent and knowledge to help others achieve the same dream.
  • It’s fine if you decided to leave your environment, go on a journey, and come back to redeem yourself.
  • Ask yourself: “How do you want to be remembered?”

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