The Made Over Podcast Episode 010 With Dr.Erin Fall Haskell

“We cannot keep anything unless we give it away,” said Dr. Erin Fall, a doctor of Divinity, host of Good Morning LaLa Land, CEO and Founder of SOULCIÉTÉ and an author, when she was obsessed with consciousness and help people deal with their spirituality rather than receiving all the money it followed by.

Dr. Erin who faced several adversaries such as experiencing life with divorced parents, having bulimia, and was date-raped back in highschool, transformed her beliefs in life right after she had a stillborn child just after giving birth to him. It was her lowest days in life and thought “How could God be so cruel?”.

She invited us in her long period of self-discovery and seeking the truth of spirituality that has helped her to get avoid complaining and live life the way it should be with peace. As a Doctor of Divinity and Spiritual Practitioner, she now helped other people, Soul-Entrepreneur, to invest in their consciousness and to the community.


  • There are always going to be adversity in life yet success in overcoming it follows.
  • Everything doesn’t revolve around money. Sometimes the need and satisfaction in helping people is the most important.
  • It’s not enough to know the truth but to embody, to live by the principles as well. Doing this, she said that “All Suffering Ends.”
  • Do what you really wanted to do. It doesn’t matter if you have to travel, you need to find one thing that really makes you happy and chase it.

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