In this episode, Chris Miles shared his success story from being a college undergraduate to a traditional financial advisor and stock coach to a modern and independent financial coach or also called as the “Cash-Flow Expert”

Chris dropped out of college and sacrifice most of his time, effort, and money to be an entrepreneur and business advisor. But in 2006, he quit his job because he felt like he wasn’t in the right position to advise about finances and went ahead to become a stock coach.

With an abundance mindset and idea about cash flow, he thought about the lessons and information he knew to teach effective marketing strategies and became financially independent again. Today, he continually helps people to be more effective in handling their finances and businesses better while doing what they really love.


  • Do not be afraid to take risks. Sacrifices are necessary for achieving success. Let pain be your game.
  • The abundance of Mindset.
  • “When you’re in low, hit the gas and fly through it is when you develop a skill set. Do what you love the most and be resourceful with your skills, talents, and mentality even if you hit rock bottom.
  • Have a Vision of what you want and focus on it. Plan your goal and listen to your intuition.
  • “The more you try to force a result, the worst it comes”.

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