The Made Over Podcast Episode 018 With Cynthia Thurlow

In this episode, our guest – Cynthia Thurlow, a nurse practitioner, health and wellness coach, TEDx speaker, and host who is passionate about helping women develop a healthy nutritional approach.

Cynthia grew up in a financially and emotionally unstable household in New Jersey but was able to go to college and practice medicine for about 16 years before shifting in her nutrition business as a coach. As she grew up and had children who went through a chronic health problem and saw the large impact of nutritional coaching to her clients, she shifted her perspective to study about health conditions and a proper diet that would help people prevent health-related issues.

Today, as she experienced the same health issues back then, she is now a functional nutritionist who helps women find a solution to their health struggles such as gaining weight. She also put up her own website, podcast, and currently writing a book to motivate and understand other components of inner peace.

This episode will show us how Cynthia went from a lonely childhood as a medical practitioner up until to where she at today.


  • No one should force things. Let things go out their way.
  • You need to be persistent, resilient, and focus your eyes on the prize even if you have to look for an alternative way to fulfill your goal.
  • Follow where you heart leads you. It’s never too late to take chances.
  • Being healthy does not only depend on our physical attribute but it also comes within.

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