In this episode, we are joined by Jay Nixon – author, mentor, international transformation coach, and owner of Thrive Fitness Studio and Thrive Forever Fit who helped people to be healthier, fitter, and promote self-love for over twenty years now.

Jay experiences a traumatic childhood having his father killed and best friend who committed suicide. His life went through pivot changes and the problem comes like a domino effect, one after another.

Jay accepted his massive internal conflicts and knew that he was meant for something greater in life. Today, he also advises everyone to “figure out what you love” and to do something about it. As a fitness and nutrition expert, and author of two books, and an owner of two fitness centers, he still put on continuous support to people in their journey to fitness.


  • “No matter how much despair you’re feeling, inadequacy or whatever the blank is, if you can take that same feeling of energy, there’s a purpose, a reason for you to live”
  • There’s always somebody who’s willing to help you out.
  • Avoid sabotaging yourself. Instead, promote self-love that would give you benefit now and in the future.
  • “Big result is a series of incremental things done over and over again”.

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