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The Made Over Podcast Episode 015 Breakdown From Bricklayer to Bluefishing with Steve Sims

Steve Sims, an entrepreneur, and an author shared his journey in setting off in search of his life outside East London. He later realizes his ability and skill to communicate to people which became his asset as an entrepreneur and a founder of his very own company, Bluefish.

He described himself as a misfit, dysfunctional, unfulfilled and unchallenged. As he tried different roles in life, he became more focused on observing the inner-self of a person. He started cutting off his circle of friends, from those who he doesn’t need in life to those who continue to support him in achieving success.

He remembers what his father said: “No one ever drowned by falling into the water, they drown by staying there.” The people he was inspired with are the people who meet failures in life and learn from their mistakes. There were many moments in his life where he almost drowned yet his doubts made him think that it was preparing him for something bigger before he attacks it.

He was focusing more on ‘Return of Energy’ where he encourages other people to act yet he is getting fulfillment in impacting people to do something better with their lives.


  • Try to cut people from your life who don’t support nor help you for the better.
  • See-through your failures as a lesson for something much bigger in life.
  • Return of Energy. Be an inspiration for other people to get motivated in what they know they’d do best.

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About The Madeover Podcast

The Made Over Podcast shares and dissects inspirational personal journeys of transformation for striving entrepreneurs who are trying to create the business and life they deserve. The host Mike Young shares his inspiration for starting the podcast in episode #1.

Join him and other hungry entrepreneurs to learn how others have gone from struggling and striving to inspire success. Listen to their stories and how through commitment and resilience they were able to overcome all obstacles to create the business and life of their dreams.

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