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The Made Over Podcast Episode 013 Breakdown From Broken to Unbroken with Madeleine Black

In this episode, I breakdown the interview I did with Madeleine Black – a psychotherapist, public speaker and an author who shared her empowering life story of how one could have such a fearful and traumatizing back story of being gang-raped by two teenagers, went from a rebellious stage but ended up with the hands of a man that truly gave her the meaning of real love and a family whom they mean the world from her, making a world free from hatred and guilt.

At the age of 13, she was sexually assaulted by the hands of which she thought her friends. She felt so dirty and worthless, was traumatized, degraded and leaving her an empty feeling. After a few years of keeping it to herself, she finally spoke with bravery yet with so much fear inside that her rapists might’ve got the tendency to kill her. When her mom tries to talk to her friend that was involved or considered a victim as well, she denied everything she said and even her mother wouldn’t fully understand her.

She grew up being a rebel letting any boys do whatever they wanted from her from the fear of being hurt again. She also did different vices and illegal actions such as drugs, smoking, and drinking. Her parents decided to send her to Israel where she worked and met her future husband. He made her feel worthwhile again and felt the love that she was longing for since the horrible event happened.

After going to Psychiatric clinic plenty of times, she realized that she has to accept what happened in her life and that she has to heal herself again to give them the best revenge that she could ever give them and that is to live a happy and good life without anyone holding her back. She said: “We can go through a traumatic time but we can survive and you can come out. There is hope!


  • Live for now and do not let anything hold you back from what you think is right and would make you happy.
  • It takes courage to share your story no matter how light or dark it is for someone. It could always be the voice for the others who experienced it as well.
  • Denial stage doesn’t let you good. Accept and embrace it. Learn to live with the past negative event of your life.
  • It’s never too late to get support whether from a doctor or a friend.

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