The Made Over Podcast Episode 008 With Steve Sims

Steve Sims, an entrepreneur, and CEO set off his life by trying out different roles and jobs in life such as being a broken layer, bouncer/doorman, and someone who was known for his communication skills in which it took turned for him to become an entrepreneur.

In this episode, Steve Sims shared his breakthrough from someone as a misfit and unchallenged version of himself to someone who can easily cut off toxic people in his life. He started to look inwards of himself and those people surrounding him and accepted the fact that failure meets success.

Now as an author of the Book, BlueFish he sees the inwards of people and realizes that helping is Return of energy which means both parties can benefit. He also realizes that it’s much better to fall once in a while since “It’s how you handle the mistakes in your life that determines where you go” he stated.


  • Try to cut people from your life who don’t support nor help you for the better.
  • See-through your failures as a lesson for something much bigger in life.
  • Return of Energy. Be an inspiration for other people to get motivated in what they know they’d do best.

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