The Made Over Podcast Episode 007 With Madeleine Black

Madeleine Black, a psychotherapist, public speaker and an author shares her personal experience about how she was sexually assaulted by whom she considered friends with and how she ended up in a psychiatric clinic, committed suicide and did a lot of vices such as drinking, smoking and letting every boy do whatever they wanted from her.

By the age of 17, she first met her husband when she moved to Israel and made a huge turning point of loving herself and feeling something worthwhile.  As she was able to have a family and talked to a Psychiatrist, she was able to recover from her adversity and forgave the people who’ve hurt her.

She now published a book, Unbroken which is about her traumatizing experience, how her mom and her friend weren’t able to fully support her through the years and even denied the justice that she deserves. Yet, her being able to talk to a psychiatrist helped her to get free from the past negative experience that was holding her back from making the most of her life.


  • Live for now and do not let anything hold you back from what you think is right and would make you happy.
  • It takes courage to share your story no matter how light or dark it is for someone. It could always be the voice for the others who experienced it as well.
  • Denial stage doesn’t let you good. Accept and embrace it. Learn to live with the past negative event of your life.
  • It’s never too late to get support whether from a doctor or a friend.

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