The Made Over Podcast Episode 005 With Sherry Hemstreet

Sherry Hemstreet, an entrepreneur, personal brand manager, and coach shared the back story of being an intelligent student and a regular girl who dropped out of high school, homeless with a baby, doing $20 dances, to running her own business with $200k.

She felt like the odds were stacked against her but she knew that she had to take responsibility for her family especially her child. Instead of pursuing her career as a professional ballroom dancer, she started dancing differently at night. Her earnings were getting better until she made an internal shift or a catalyst moment when she wanted to shift into something better.

At the end of the day, she had this clear vision of what she wanted to do in the long-run. Even though she met lots of obstacles in life, she was still never discouraged and she kept going and trying because she knew it was going to lead her somewhere in life. Today, she earned $200,000 a day, continuing her success story with her business and family.

Looking back, she advises people to First, know that you are loved. That you have to trust or bank on yourself every single day. The willingness to hang herself to try and willing to take chances on others.


  • Everybody has their own stories to tell. Different personalities, hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses yet everyone just wanted to be valued.
  • You have to trust and/or bank yourself every single day. You should be willing to keep trying and take chances even if you failed several times already.
  • Failure for a few times births success.
  • Don’t let the little obstacle drag you away for a very long time. Envision something and take action!

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