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The Made Over Podcast Episode 005 Breakdown From War To Warrior With Andrew O’Brien

In this episode of MadeOver Podcast, Mike breaks down the interview he did with Andrew O’Brien who is a founder and a Board-of Director of multiple companies including National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, The Publicity Guy, and The Warrior Council.

Andrew shares a two-minute overview of his life, from the beginning up to his current successful state. As a child, he was born and raised by a prostitute mother who went on to kill her husband and was sentenced to 60 years in prison. To escape his challenging upbringing, he had to join the army and served for over a year as a lead gunner in which he described as a position that gave a responsibility, a purpose to his life.

At the age of 21, he committed suicide by taking 120 pills less than two minutes but failed the attempt and woke up with an appreciation for life. This moved him to overcome challenges in life and feel his responsibility along. Soon, Andrew went on to help others as a motivational Speaker being invited by different TV stations all, colleges and special venues all around the globe.
He shared that: “I think I need to learn more about myself; “I don’t think anyone can teach me more about myself than myself”


• It’s not too late to overcome obstacles and face challenges in life.
• Be someone that can create an impact on other people sharing the same experiences that you’ve had.
• Be an inspiration. Help people overcome their past.
• “Stop pretending but start sharing our daily struggles. From there, we can start to change the world around.”

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About The MadeOver Podcast

The Made Over Podcast shares and dissects inspirational personal journeys of transformation for striving entrepreneurs who are trying to create the business and life they deserve. The host Mike Young shares his inspiration for starting the podcast in episode #1.

Join him and other hungry entrepreneurs to learn how others have gone from struggling and striving to inspire success. Listen to their stories and how through commitment and resilience they were able to overcome all obstacles to create the business and life of their dreams.

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