The Made Over Podcast Episode 002 With Calvin Wayman

In today’s episode, Mike interviews Calvin Wayman – founder and CEO of The Prosperity Loop: a company that helps people live their dreams and make an impact on the world through first improving their relationship with money.

Wayman is an entrepreneur and an author who documents his success from having $53,000 in debt into a millionaire. In 2015, he was in great internal anguish which he described as hell, a contrast and resonated with what he grew up into believing.

Wayman shared that taking Philosophy classes in College became an eye-opener for him that changes his perspective in life. As one of the most influential entrepreneurs and author today, he advises people to recalibrate or to stay very clear with what they wanted to do.

He shared his motivation: “Successful people don’t worry if they make the right decision, instead they make the decision and they make it right”. This means that there is no right or wrong. Decide to move. Your focus, energy, attention, intention, and everything that you put in for is what would create your ultimate prophecy.


  • Get inspired from your experiences in life whether they are your setbacks or inspirations
  • Avoid giving up in life.
  • It’s always better to make a move and focus on your life goal.
  • And that it’s not always bad to burst out of your bubble or to leave your comfort zone. Sometimes, it’s the key to be the best version of yourself.

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