The Made Over Podcast Episode 063 with Michael Anthony (Unbroken)

One way or another, everyone has experienced trauma as a child.

A child who has been physically abused, bullied, sexually assaulted, or neglected will remember the old trauma for decades. In short, the body, heart, and mind remember the old trauma.

Most entrepreneurs struggle to conquer their inner demons and outwit the devil because of this trauma and child abuse is still the elephant in the room, not only in America but in society.

The things that happened to you as a child became who you are as an adult and ultimately lead you to where you are right now. Right now you’re stuck in this moment that makes you face the truth that maybe you’re living a messed up life. You may have felt stuck at times and wondered how you would see your way out of that suffocating paper bag.

And there are only two options, would you rather accept your fate and live in the past?

Or would you like to push yourself and do things that challenge you to find yourself again?

How far will you go to achieve the life you want?

The choice is yours. 

In today’s episode, serial entrepreneur Michael Anthony, a former child abuse survivor, coach, and guide for adult survivors of child abuse, shares how he overcame all of the adversity he faced while growing up. Discover how you can heal from childhood trauma and learn from it to change the course of your life.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode:

  • Learning to love yourself can help you get out of a rut 
  • What it means to know and understand what trauma is all about
  • How to overcome your childhood trauma to transform your life

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Connect with Mike:

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