The Made Over Podcast Episode 054 with Clay Moffat

“Everyone wears a mask, and everyone on the planet wants to wear a mask. It’s about helping people become comfortable with taking off layers of the mask. Because as you take off more layers of the mask, you become more of yourself, like who you actually are, which is one of the huge things that fear that people have this huge resistance to change.” –Clay Moffat.

Most of us think that we are who we are right now. While that is true, have you ever felt something’s missing, and you sometimes sense you are not the real you? Knowing your triggers can significantly help you understand yourself better. We all hide from our real identity unless we encounter transformation.

In today’s episode, we have Clay Moffat, a mental conditioning specialist, and performance coach, helping entrepreneurs and high-achievers step out of the shadow of their former selves. So they can grow their business, erase imposter syndrome, and dissolve the fear of their business collapsing.

As we dig into what motivated him to start his business, Clay is also sharing the 4C process of transformation and discovering your rhythm of success.

Learn more about Clay and his transformation process by tuning in to today’s podcast!

3 Exceptional Key Takeaways: 

  • Everyone has a unique identity, and that’s what makes us successful.
  • Your biggest crime is that you value other people’s opinions more than you value your own.
  • Understanding yourself by taking off your mask as the first step will help you take to the next level of success. 

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