The Made Over Podcast Episode 053 with Elizabeth Lyons

If you are watching domino games on Youtube, you’ll be amazed at how the kids would set it up. It’s complicated because you have to analyze what’s going to work and not.  But once you’re done with setting it up and made sure that it’s going to work when you tap the first piece, it knocks down all the bits and creates a beautiful effect that makes you say, “WOW,” and it just feels satisfying.

Creating a business has never been easy. You get frustrated when something’s not working. And most of the time, you think that the fastest way to get to your goal is to create something new that supports the thing that did not work.

However, there’s a higher chance that’s not going to work. Understanding the problem and having clarity on what you (want to) do and don’t do should be your first step before jumping on a new project.

Like the domino game, you have to identify what’s not working or what’s working, analyze it, create a plan, and take action. 

In today’s episode, our guest, Elizabeth Lyons, a book writing coach and author, shared her 2020 journey and how the pandemic had made her realize what to focus on for her business and identify what’s not working, tap on it and start working on creating a domino effect for her business. 

3 Exceptional Key Takeaways: 

  • Being clear on what you want to do and what you don’t want to do are very important to stay in your alignment.
  • Always look for the good things in the not-so-good events in your life.
  • Keep taking action even if things don’t seem to be working.

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