The Made Over Podcast Episode 050 Steve Sims

When you begin to pursue a vision that only you can see, you got challenges and naysayers coming at you from different directions. Screwed over, laughed at, ridiculed—how do you resist getting lost in what everybody has to say? Well, Steve Sims is out here changing our minds, echoing a truth: when you have a vision, what’s possible is not up to anybody else. It’s up to you.

Steve Sims, “The Real-Life Wizard of OZ” as quoted by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, is the best-selling author of “BLUEFISHING – the art of making things happen” is here to recount his journey and share with us what he calls “the little hinges that swing big doors.” When you start a venture into the unknown, you are also setting up an opportunity to lead your life in a new direction. And while we see big changes, Steve tells us that it’s always the little things, the pivotal moment, that come at you that will completely change the way you’re thinking and set you off to a new course.

3 Exceptional Takeaways: 

  • As an entrepreneur, you get screwed over, laughed at, ridiculed, ripped off, and backstabbed—but you toughen up and you keep going.
  • When you have a vision, what’s possible is not up to anybody else. It’s up to you.
  • In attaining success, it’s the little things push that push big things to happen. The little steps and the tiny monumental shifts set your trajectory to success.

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