How do you define ‘authenticity’? Have you had the courage and commitment to deeply become authentic in everything you do, need, and want?

Three years ago, Alex Terranova would’ve always thought that “I need to show up in a certain way so people think a certain thing about me.” But his five components of authenticity helped him embrace that we’re all unique and different.

Alex struggled in the beginning, yet today, he’s now an author of the book, Fictional Authenticity, a Performance Coach, an Entrepreneur, and a host of The DreamMason Podcast, The Coaching Show Podcast, and Flip the Lens a podcast.

In this episode of the Made Over Podcast, Alex shared the early stages of his life from being in a hospitality field shifting towards entrepreneurship, his momentous, and what made him reinforce to be a better version of himself and to continue in providing value to his clients, audience, and people in general.

Key Takeaways:

  • Just like a baseball player, you gotta strikeout, keep going back to the plate, and keep swinging the ball.
  • It’s highly essential to give yourself value, the things you’re passionate about, and the people you commonly engage with.
  • Reaching success Is going to be hard, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the process.
  • It’s okay to fail at times, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up. Always put your head up, and hope for the best.

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