“Building the men that build the world”. 

In this episode, Cory Huddleston, founder of Wisdom and Grit, God-loving leader, and the man of integrity shares his journey from being a construction worker to a mentor who pushes himself, and the men to be better!

He grew up to a young and ill-equipped parent without a role-model to look up to. And since he wasn’t able to finish High School, he pursued jobs he believed to be a ‘man-type of work’ such as being in construction and watching big diesel trucks. 

In his early 20’s he read the book entitled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, that drives his entrepreneurial drive and makes it into reality.

Today, he still believes that men have higher potential than what they can expect from themselves. He uses his experience, spiritual beliefs, and understanding to connect and guide men to a better path. 

3 Exceptional Takeaways: 

  • Guys tend to have a mindset that ‘asking for help is for the weak’.
  • Getting rid of selfishness is one way to start your self-improvement journey.
  • Key Fundamental Steps to Change People’s Lives.

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