“I’ve always done what felt right to me. I’ve always done what my heart says is the right thing”. 

In this episode, Lance Essihos, founder and host of the University of Adversity, shares how he coped with adversities and bad habits in the early stages of his life, and what moved him to make a change, and be a successful entrepreneur.

He revealed how he had a loving family, happy childhood, and a pro-hockey dream not until when his parents got divorced, ruined his pro-hockey career, and a father who got remarried to a woman that made his life miserable.

He started working on several different jobs including bartending, that made him discover his talent in socializing. He knew that he needed to make a change, and believed in himself. 

From here on, Lance became a mentor and a coach that wanted to share his knowledge, helping people to make a pivot change, and enter the world of podcasting. 

He encourages people to believe in themselves, and “If you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody will”. 

3 Exceptional Key Takeaways:

  • There would always be adversities in life. You got to find ways how to deal with it.
  • Do things for yourself, not for everybody else.
  • Create an intention. Things don’t accidentally happen.

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