In this episode, Mike Dillard, the Founder of Revenue Mastermind, Magnetic Sponsoring, Mentor of the educational company – Mike Dillard Media, The Elevation Group, and the host of The Mike Dillard Podcast, shares what helped him successfully built an 8-Figure Territory despite failures and struggles.

Since then, Mike’s dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur one day. He asked himself:  “What if I could get people to come after me instead of me having to chase after them?”. Starting at the age of 27, his entrepreneurial life changed.

There’s no Plan B for Mike. He prefers to suffer in repeated failure and pain in the business rather than to give up and get a job for the rest of his life. After all, he has seen how everything is hard at first, but consistency makes it easier.

Today, Mike continues to pursue his successful career in the entrepreneurial industry. He’s currently active in contributing back to the industry by helping and mentoring other struggling entrepreneurs in finding value and learning about the Core Fundamentals of Businesses, Biggest Mistakes they could do, and where should their focus be.

“If you make the right decision within 10 years, you’ll never have to work again. Make the wrong decisions, you’re probably gonna have to start over again for the second and third time”.

3 Exceptional Key Takeaways:

  • Human beings are wired in the same way. There’s a Psychological Framework in the Process.
  • Focus more on the Core Fundamentals in Building a Business that every single entrepreneur has to learn rather than short-term earning!
  • Learn from the Stupid Tax 

Connect with Mike: 

Connect with Mike:

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