In this episode, We’re joined by Mike Michalowicz, a serial 7-figure entrepreneur and author of one of the most important books that I’ve ever read, “Clock Work” and “Profit First”. 

Mike is here with us to share his backstory, his specific moment of realization, and the methods and processes that helped him to reach success consistently.


  • His “financial poverty” that made him suffer from depression, and almost to bankruptcy. 
  • The ‘fire’ that encouraged him to get ‘it’ together!
  • The ‘shift’ to recognize his wrong habits, and the important key or the ‘financial heart attack’ that made him grow continually.
  • How he defines his saying, “Earners are the learners” – how other entrepreneurs can learn from it.

Mike also shares how his entrepreneurial journey went from a successful start to a downfall. As he mastered the field of micro-entrepreneur, he then proceeded to examine the things that needed to be done in order to find his real success.


  • How your thoughts are important – write it or put it into action.
  • To find what would help you ‘recover’ in the moment of desperation.
  • See yourself in the future, this can trigger immediate change whether to continue, change, or restart your path.
  • The real concept and importance of ‘Profit First’.
  • The Biggest Challenge that Entrepreneurs have is ‘to know the biggest challenge.’’
  • Change is going to happen, and entrepreneurs who can adapt to change can live through it.

Connect with Mike: 

Connect with Mike:

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