In today’s episode of the Made Over Podcast, we are with Amanda Dake, an Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Business Consultant, and Founder of Funnel Kitchen and Dake House Consulting and Communications. Amanda would be sharing an interesting backstory of her early marketing adventures and how did this turn her into an expert who helps people grow their business online.


➡️ Amanda started earning at the age of 14. This made her think ‘When does this Entrepreneurship thing start?’

➡️ It’s always been her goal to have fun and help people while earning money. She said that it was her ‘place to make a better path, show people that you can have a vision, and corrupts the status quo’. She shows respect and understanding to people she engaged with.

➡️ Whenever she felt like quitting, she always reminds herself to ‘keep going’ no matter what. Thus, she received her degree in Education and even earning a Master’s degree.

➡️ She felt like it’s hard enough to earn money while spending a lot of time working. There was a time that she taught herself how to master online systems such as Social Media in Business. She then, stepped out of her comfort zone, flew to Vegas alone, and her life has changed since then.

Today, we’d be able to witness how a Professional Teacher who took up Masters but transitioned into a Business Consultant, and even founding her very own company that helps people who pursue the same path she went in the marketing world.


  • You have to learn what you want to do, keep going, and don’t give up until you reached it!
  • Besides earning, it’s always important to get knowledgeable about the things you do (and you are planning to do) while having fun in the process.
  • “…Awareness to recognize what’s happening, tools to deal with it” are the foundation of your success.
  • Instead of ranting and nagging all the time, do something about your struggles. Learn how to get through it and share how were you able to solve it and what are the things that you’ve learnt after it.
  • Success doesn’t come overnight. Even if it seems like you have everything in the plan, it would always take time.

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