In today’s episode of the Made Over Podcast, our guest Ross Stretch, an alcoholic turned into a successful CEO, Advertising Specialist, and an E-Commerce Developer, as he goes along with his backstory about alcohol addiction to being sober and his struggles that came along with his success.


  • As he became an alcoholic for 15 years, relapsing, and leading to a near-death experience, he still considers these phases of his life as a foundation that led him to change.
  • His wife was his ultimatum and a catalyst to change. In an instant, he lived a separate life from what he used to live from and live by.
  • The emotional and mental effects of his relapse and personal disappointment made him, and how did this help him to cut off unsupportive people in life and share his stories for others to get inspired.
  • For almost a year, he locked himself to control his addiction, to find a new path, and run down the path of an Entrepreneur. With lots of research and knowledge to take in, he managed to learn it all in that period of time.

Now as a Sober and a self-taught Entrepreneur, let’s find out the amazing things that made him substitute unhealthy addiction for entrepreneurship, steps he took in, emotional and mental challenges he faced, and how he was able to get through.


  • It’s not too late to find the real purpose, your purpose in life. Find that one thing that drives you to move forward, that passion that would encourage you.
  • Try as much as you can, there could be a relapse but don’t give up.
  • “Friends needs to Feed your Fire” if they won’t support you with the new path you’re going to take in, let them be, leave, and move on.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Success doesn’t happen overnight nor does it happen in one place. Take action if you want to see results.

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