The Made Over Podcast Episode 030 With Robert Martinez

In this episode of the Made Over Podcast, we are with Robert Martinez, an Entrepreneur, and CEO of Rockstar Capital who shared his motivation on how he was able to figure out the marketing game.

“Once you poked a bear, the bear doesn’t like it, and it will do something about it” as Robert Martinez realized his catalyst when he found himself stuck working in sales despite getting a degree in Engineering. He took his chances and created his own path which he could take control of.

He gradually went through different phases, observations, meetings, and meet-ups until he jumped through the real-estate business. Today, Robert and his team are currently venturing into expanding the Rockstar Capital and working into getting the 10,000 unit number-goal to be a national player in the real-estate field.


  • In some cases, you must take risks and grab the opportunity.
  • It’s important to consider your mindset, heart, and willpower before jumping into something that you’re still gradually learning.
  • “all business comes from other people in exchange for value”.
  • You have to balance in everything that you do and let the things you’ve learnt from mentors and coaches to develop.
  • Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Have a perspective, a goal, and a plan for achieving that goal. Every business becomes successful when they have a realistic goal.

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