The Made Over Podcast Episode 029 With Andy Audate

Andy Audate, a young entrepreneur, coach, author, and motivational speaker, is with us in today’s episode to share his backstory, his viewpoints in life, and what motivated him to accomplish the taste of success he has now.

When he was young, he wanted to own a pair of shoes that his family cannot afford. Later on, he got a job at a famous fast food restaurant but the minimum wage didn’t make the cut for his wants. He got other job opportunities and even started doing simple online selling of buy and sell cellphones to sneakers, and gradually, it blew up.

He still considers himself in the beginning phases of his career he focuses on getting coaches’ guidance and advice and surrounding himself with the right people. He shared the one key to entrepreneurial success is the ‘message of progression’ which means growing your finance to experience freedom.


  • It’s important to get opinions from a wise counsel; from an experienced person. They would motivate you to go bigger and pursue higher.
  • You have to learn a skill to market even when offline especially nowadays where technology is prevalent.
  • Recognize your struggles and learn how to help, how to focus on someone else.

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