The Made Over Podcast Episode 027 With Winston Clements

People have so much to offer no matter what their condition in life is. Our today’s guest,  Winston Clements, a resilient and diversity speaker, is a living evidence of someone who has limitations yet continues to use his knowledge and skills to help people. 

Winston grew up with brittle bone disorder hindering him from doing various physical activities. His spiritual beliefs and positive outlook in life, motivated him to accomplish other things. 

After he finished his degree in Computer Science, he worked full-time in a corporation that gave him an insight about resilience. From here on, he used what he learned and his experiences to inspire and encourage people as a motivational author and speaker, providing emotional intelligence, and breaking discrimination towards people with disabilities and finding their full potential. 


  • People with disabilities or limitations has so much potential and has so much to offer. 
  • You don’t have to follow the crowd. Create your own path.
  • Take ownership, consider the power of connection, and creating a productive routine.
  • Always see the positive side of any situation. Retreat should not be an option.
  • “You cannot always control what happens to you in life, but you can always control your response.

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