The Made Over Podcast Episode 026 With Shawn Harper

We are so excited to introduce a former NFL player, Mr. Shawn Harper as the guest for this episode. After getting injured from his football career, he now gives executive and motivational encouragement serving as a life and business coach.

Believe it or not, Mr. Harper also experienced an unfortunate back story of discrimination and bullying because of his learning disabilities. But with his mom’s help and in his own intuitive, he turned his weaknesses into strengths.

From elementary up to college, he was so focused on winning even in the field of football and did not let anything hold him back. He now uses this positive or ‘winning mentality’, his experiences in life, his religious beliefs, and the things he had learned throughout to help entrepreneurs, leaders, youths to do the same thing; to deliver the message of winning in life’s choices and races.


  • “Stay focused on what you’re trying to accomplish”.
  • Accept the fact that we’re all going to experience knockdown in life but we have to get up and face these challenges with a positive mentality.
  • Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel like ‘winning’!
  • “Business (works) from people in exchange for value”.

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