The Made Over Podcast Episode 025 With Belle Robertson

A former drinker now-turned sober coach, Belle Robertson, our guest in today’s episode, shared her backstory on how she overcomes obstacles and addictions and how she was motivated to help others to get sober as well.
From personal experience and observation, Belle knew how hard it is to evolve away from alcohol over-use. She later made her anonymous blog, felt like she needed to be saved, and got ideas and advice from people who are further along with their journey. Little did she know that there are people interested in reading her blog and the numbers started to grow.

She messaged a blogger personally and encouraged her to start a 100-day challenge as a trial to quit drinking, yet the blogger accidentally promoted her challenge online. From here on, she came up with an idea to make it a business and mainly help people either by reading her blogs or getting personal coaching.

Today, Belle continuous to become an inspiration from being sober and running her business-coaching through her blog. She also started recording audio podcasts and began selling sober-design arts with her husband, which are all related in helping people to quit from alcoholic addiction.


  • You have to “mold your behavior from someone who has the thing that you wanted” to make it easier for you to bring change for yourself.
  • “Replacing things with new patterns that are positive”; Break the bad habit.
  • Consider it as a challenge rather than a life-time pattern change to get driven from quitting.
  • There is always accountability attached. If you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask.

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