The Made Over Podcast Episode 024 With Helen Pritchard

Helen Pritchard – a digital marketer who is known for being a powerhouse coach for LinkedIn. An antisocial teenager who experienced a traumatizing event in life which causes her to acquire mental illness such as anxiety, panic attacks, and acrophobia.

The mental illness that she had affected her job and career in life even as an adult. Helen came across social media where she uses it as her business platform where she won’t need to show herself in front of the people, of her clients, and she can work from home.

Today, she’s still active in training and coaching people using the internet. She helps businessmen and entrepreneurs to change the way they do business, focusing on social media and LinkedIn profiles.


  • Don’t let anything or anybody get on your way. Take ownership of your recovery.
  • In every struggle, there’s always a way to meet success. You use it as an excuse or a catalyst.
  • Focus and Clarity are needed in making decisions in business and in life.
  • Being on a different track in life doesn’t mean failure. Stop asking for feedback and take people’s opinions. “Get it out there and see what happens”.
  • Visualize your goals. Believe and get inspired in achieving those.

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