In this episode, we are with the ‘Explorer’ Michael Dash, an Entrepreneur, best-selling Author, Mentor, Speaker, and Philanthropist, that helps the fellow entrepreneurs in the same relatable situation, to become the true leader they deserve to be! He’ll be sharing his dark backstory from being an addict and a sports gambler to a Successful Entrepreneur.


  • The effects of Josh’s curiosity and his exploration of his life. And how did this turn into his addiction and changed the way he recognized himself.
  • What situation made him realize his mistakes, and how he was able to be reactionary and to understand the situation that he and his company is in?
  • His motivation to live in a different path and to undergo a whole process of clearing out negativity and pursuing positivity.
  • His Simple Four Steps that would help you to regain control of what you meant to do in life!

Today, we’d be able to witness how he started working from a young age, been influenced to do gambling and drug abuse, and his unique story on how he finally quit these bad habits and replacing them by focusing more on helping other people with addiction, and venturing in business.

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Connect with Mike:

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