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In addition to making over the brands of his clients. he's made over every aspect of his own life. including his mindset, business model and daily routines. His straightforward. implementable lessons learned will allow you to bypass the many missteps he made along the way and he's finally sharing it all in this book.

If you've taken all the courses. read all the books. bought all the software. and are still struggling because your business just isn't working and you can't figure out why. this book was written for you.

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The Free Community - Authority Branding

Separating yourself from the competition can be difficult in a commoditized industry, especially if you are confused about how to control your business image and personal brand strategy.

This group is for you if you are an entrepreneur or in an MLM or direct sales industry where the only way to differentiate yourself from others is by building an authoritative personal brand.

Inside you'll get access to our foundational one-hour training, additional resources and be able to ask The Makeover Master anything about how to make it all work for you.


The Business Image Audit

What are your blind spots and how do you rank with your brand in the four major problem areas that cost entrepreneurs money, influence, power and respect? Answer these 20 questions in less than 5 minutes to find out your score and what you need to improve.


The Strategy Consultation

Our solutions range from $1000 - $50,000 and we can help if you schedule a free strategy consultation to chat about where you are at today and how we can help you get to where you want to be.

Making over your business image and leveraging your personal brand, might just be the best decision you make this year, but there is only one way to find out. Schedule time with The Makeover Master today. We won’t waste your time (or ours) if it’s not the right fit.

Let’s hop on a call to have a friendly, no-pressure conversation to help you determine which course of action is most appropriate for your specific situation. Book a free strategy consultation call now with The Makeover Master to see if we can help you personally.


The Madeover Podcast

Listen to our top-rated iTunes podcast where Mike Young shares and dissects inspirational personal journeys of transformation for striving entrepreneurs who are trying to create the business and life they deserve.


The Live Training

This training on how to earn more money, influence, power and respect by leverage your business image and personal brand is filled with new and deadly effective proven strategies along side step-by-step tactical advice that works.

If you are looking for new ways to add more value to your community or hire Mike Young to speak at your next event, with a message they’ve never heard before that will get them fired up and taking massive action, this training is for you.

Click the button below to schedule a brief call with Mike Young where he can answer all of your questions about the details of the training and the specific results you and your group can expect.


The Makeover Method Event

Discover the exclusive secrets to successfully mastering your business image & leveraging your personal brand online.

It’s time for you to have all the weapons at your disposal and surround yourself with the people who have been there before you that will save you years of doing it alone while going nuts trying to figure out how to get your online business to work.

It’s time for you to see behind the curtain and leave with the exact roadmap and all the formulas you need to get results quickly.

It’s time to shortcut your learning and get the cheat codes directly from the experts who have dedicated years of their life and hundreds of thousands in themselves in their field of expertise.

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