In addition to helping his clients makeover their business to ramp up sales in The Starter Pack Makeover - Business Growth System,  Mike's made over every aspect of his own life. Including his mindset, business systems and daily routines. His straightforward. implementable lessons learned will allow you to bypass the many missteps he made along the way and he's finally sharing it all in this book.

If you've taken all the courses. read all the books. bought all the software. and are still struggling because your business just isn't working and you can't figure out why. this book was written for you.

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The 5-Minute Business "Blind Spot" Challenge

Have you started a business but it's not really working and you wish you knew the REAL reasons why?
How would you like to find out in just 5 minutes, along with a clear plan to immediately fix it?

Imagine in just a few minutes, a trusted business expert looked at your business and saw the truth about why it’s not working . Insights so shocking and profound, you'd never figure them out on your own. And now armed with that truth, you can't possibly fail, when just 5 minutes before… you were unknowingly on the road to closing up shop.

If you think you'd benefit from a 5 minute breakthrough video review of your business, which includes a personalized plan on how to immediately begin fixing it today…

I'd like to give that to you today... 100% free, no catch, no cost.


The 12-Minute Business Makeover Blueprint

Discover the real reasons businesses get stuck & sales get slow & learn what you can do to fix it - starting today!


  • The 3 Most Common Reasons Sales Stop, Slow Down or Plateau
  • 4 Easy To Implement Solutions You Can Take Action On Today
  • How To Immediately Tap Into Your 9 Success Factors To Turn Things Around Fast
  • Avoid The 3 Major Pitfalls - That Only Drain Your Confidence & Bank Account

The Madeover Podcast

Listen to our top-rated iTunes podcast where Mike Young shares and dissects inspirational personal journeys of transformation for striving entrepreneurs who are trying to create the business and life they deserve.


The Live Training

This training on how to earn more money, influence, power and respect by leveraging proven strategies and your business image is filled with new and deadly effective proven strategies along side step-by-step tactical advice that works.

If you are looking for new ways to add more value to your community or hire Mike Young to speak at your next event, with a message they’ve never heard before that will get them fired up and taking massive action, this training is for you.

Click the button below to schedule a brief call with Mike Young where he can answer all of your questions about the details of the training and the specific results you and your group can expect.