Brand Launch

Bobby Stocks

Bobby Stocks

Bobby Stocks

"I had a thriving business with massive results, but was always missing my "guru" site. Mike and his team were amazing to work with and did all of the heavy lifting for us!

If you are anything like me, busy and in demand, but know that you need to improve how everything looks online to take your business to new heights.

I highly recommend you hire Mike Young and his team to transform your brand."


Opposed Media

Mitch Miller

"When I realized our business image was costing us new clients and money, I hired Mike Young to fix the problem. We looked amateur and all over the place. He took our vision and the feelings of how we wanted to be perceived in the marketplace and fixed it with his makeover experience.

If you are anything like me and you make your money through your personal name, then hire Mike to fix how you look online. Relationships are everything in this game and he can be trusted to get it done right."

Brand makeover

Jane Stewart

Jane Stewart

"When I realized my business image was hurting my ability to pick up new clients, I hired Mike Young, The Makeover Master, to fix the problem. I found the process simply amazing and it was just what I needed to look the part of who I truly am online.

Not only do new prospect take me seriously now, it also increased my confidence in my business and I'm promoting at a level I haven't been at in years. It was one of the best investments I've made in a long, long time and I can't thank Mike enough for all he's done."


The Salon

Steve Johnson

"I can't express how grateful I am to have worked with Mike Young. His knowledge and expertise about branding and his perception of my business image are so much deeper than I thought I was getting with the makeover experience.

It was a big investment and I'm so glad I pulled the trigger. He not only fixed my visual identity but he also helped me understand the psychology of why people engage (or don't engage) with my business the first time and why they buy from me instead of my local competition. I'm so damn excited about the year to come!"