What To Expect From Your Complete Brand
Makeover Experience From The Makeover Master:

  • Top notch expert quality
  • Premium custom designs tailored for your personal brand style
  • Professional web development and service
  • 100% complete business image makeover
    (We do not do one-off designs or logos, our complete brand makeover experiences range between $9,900 - $49,000)
  • Brand strategy education, coaching and guidance
  • A team that cares about your business as much as you do. Your success = our success
  • Feel at ease knowing we are the only branding company in the world that has perfected a 12-stage process for ensuring your business represents you the right way and then shows you what to do next

The 12 Stages
Of Your Makeover Experience:

Stage 1: Position

Our team will conduct a comprehensive interview, analysis, and undergo our market research process to determine who you need to be for your market, where to position you to carve out the best piece of the market, and how to portray your brand for maximum impact. Brand strategy foundational education begins in understanding your authentic movie role and will continue throughout the entire experience.

Stage 2: Audit

We will review how you are currently perceived in the market, audit your business image, social reputation, and determine areas of improvement and decide the best first steps to move forward together. You'll learn how neuroscience plays a factor into attracting your ideal prospect and converting them into sales.

Stage 3: Style

Based on your personal brand, target audience as well as stages 1 & 2, our team will decide the best overall style to appeal to the market while including your main influences and personality. This step will help determine your logo(s), color scheme, fonts and images for you. We begin to uncover how to create authority in your niche and what it means to run a high-status brand together.

Stage 4: Imagery

Once we have your general style locked down, we will send a professional photographer (depending on your package) to you - so we can get perfect - crystal clear photos of you for your new brand for you. It's time to bring everything together while you learn more about running a high status brand online and off.

Stage 5: Foundation

Now we have the material we need to build, so our team will begin creating the foundation of your brand for you. This is the stage where we develop and agree on your brand identity style guide, color palettes, fonts, logos, sub-logos. You'll also be introduced to The Makeover Method, 365 Roadmap and Brand Engine.

Stage 6: Implementation

Next, we will create all of your social media imagery so your business image will be congruent on every platform including (but not limited to) Facebook profile photo, cover photo, Facebook groups, Instagram quote templates, Instagram highlights, Linkedin photos, Youtube branding etc... We begin to establish your brand engine during this stage.

Stage 7: Professional Copy

Our professional copywriters will conduct a pre-copy interview, initial copy drafts, reviews and approvals using our unique copy outline system created by legendary copywriter Mitch Miller to give you world-class website copy included in your package. We begin preparing for the completion of your website skeleton and talking through launch strategies.


Stage 8: Influencer Kit

Using your new photos, logos and design, our team will create your influencer kit for you, which will highlight all of your social proof, expertise and knowledge in how you serve your market. This ‘kit’ is the perfect way to introduce yourself and your brand to other media outlets. We will use this kit in stage 12 when we get you interviews and appearances on various media. You'll learn and be connected with media outlets (depending on your package) to grow your reach.


Stage 9: Website Design

At this stage, our designers will begin the official designing of the website. Our team will create mockup designs for you to approve before we begin building the website on our private host. We share with you strategies for manufacturing your influence and begin to connect you with publications (depending on your package).

Stage 10: Website Staging

Once you have approved the designs and you are 100% thrilled about them, our nerdy web development team will take the designs and start building your new website on our host first to make sure everything is functioning and test all the techy stuff no one else wants to deal with. We share with you how to maintain a strong brand presence 24/7/365 without going insane.

Stage 11: Website Transfer & Promotional Prep

Once everything is built, working and ready to go, we go live on your own website domain. Our team takes care of everything for you and tests your new site thoroughly so you can have a seamless brand launch with no issues, hands off. Our unique brand launch process will give your business an immediate boost to your audience size, engagement and build momentum for the year ahead.

Stage 12: The Launch

Now that we have everything you need ready and created for you, completely hands-off, we’re ready to launch your new business image. We’ve partnered with a professional PR team who will take your influencer kit and all of the promotional materials we’ve created for you and give you a complimentary PR Promotional Starter Package, Podcast Starter Package and the public launch of your makeover across multiple media outlets to compliment your internal brand launch. Our goal is to get your new business image in front of as many perfect prospects as possible.

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