The Website Makeover Experience

Get A Fresh New Look & An Opportunity To Work Side-By-Side with The Makeover Master


It’s time to stop messing around and take things to the next level and you know it. Your really damn good at what you do and business has been working great for a while now. Yet somehow, things have become a bit of a mess after years of hard work and the online presence and your website don’t seem to match who you actually are.

You know just improving the looks of everything won’t move the needle to the top of where your sights are set. Now is a perfect time to take a look at everything to make sure it’s in complete alignment with you again. It’s been a long time since you’ve seriously taken inventory of what needs to go away and what needs to be added to your brand.

But you know it’s a fool’s errand to go it alone because you can never give yourself the outside perspective you need from someone who has already done what you are trying to do.

We only a certain level of business owner into this experience, you must have…

  • A Proven Business Model
  • A Passion For Your Business
  • A Strong Desire To Help More People & Do More Good With Through Your Products and/or Services

This experience includes everything you need to get a fresh new look and bring everything into alignment again with a renewed sense of clarity, focus, attention and energy on your next steps to get new and improved results for the business.


Jason Goggans


The Fat Loss Coach &
Founder of Jason Goggans Fitness

"This program had already paid for itself after our 90-minute strategy session together. You answered questions I'd been struggling to figure out on my own for months in just a few minutes.

The rest of the program along with your ongoing support and guidance has been an game changer. You are without a doubt, they best and most caring coach and mentor I've ever worked with (and I've tried a bunch!). "

Erin Baker


Pro Athlete Movement Expert &
Founder of True Movement

"I watched you speak in Cabo and knew I had to work with you.

OMG, has it been one of the best decisions ever! You have this ability to break down complex subjects in a way I can understand and implement with my business. The first strategy and offer you helped me with paid for the program 10 times over."

Working with you was the best decision ever!

Jay Nixon


Author, Speaker, Mentor &
Founder of Thrive Forever Fit

"Dude. Working with you took my business and brand to another level!

I knew our relationship was going to be a good one when I had you on my podcast. We are simply cut from the same cloth and have been through all the ups and downs of the business owner and entrepreneurial journey together. The stuff I've learned in a short amount of time has made all the difference."

What’s Included…

sales 2 banner 2020 Mike

Brand Positioning Alignment Analysis

This initial strategy meeting will examine how your business began, where it’s at today and cast a new vision of where you’re taking things. We’ll work side-by-side with you to discuss your business image from the perspective of your new prospects and how best to convert them into consistent new leads and sales.


2 One-To-One Recorded Strategy Meetings

with Mike Young

These one-to-one mentoring strategy meetings will cover everything you need to get the business image to match the reality of where you’re at and prepare it for where you’re headed. It’s a lot of executable ideas, strategies and information to process.

Which is why we record, transcribe and organize everything into this step-by-step tactical document for you.


A Complete Online Presence & Business Image Makeover

Our team will help you create a fresh new look for your entire online presence outside of your website so you can show up more credible and professional online.

This includes a custom logo package, presentation templates, a one-year social media makeover, additional items needed to execute your personal strategy and more!

Our Unique Process


We’ll guide you through our unique combination of strategy, design and conversion leveraging our team’s 50+ years of combined experience.

We have 3 main goals to achieve with you throughout this experience.



We want you to have more clarity than ever before about how to control your business image and brand strategy online.



We want you to be taken more seriously and stand out from your competition online with a professional new website and overall business image.



We want you to take your business to the next level through massive action because there is no resistance with how you show up online and you’re excited to get our and promote your thing like never before.


Our proven system of 7 execution plan trainings including mentorship, guidance, templates, tools, scripts, training, examples and ongoing support.

This system includes everything you need to understand how to level up your business so that it attracts your ideal clients consistently, converts more sales and put cash in the bank.



The growth and expansion vault contains additional recorded client case studies, guidance, tools, templates, scripts and examples to reduce the time it takes to figure something out so you can stay focused on attracting new clients and helping more people with your business.

sales 2020 plus guarantee money back

The 24 Hour Strategy Session

100% Money Back Guarantee

Let the Makeover Master take all of the risk out of the equation for you with his AFTER strategy session guarantee.

You heard that right!

If you purchase The Mentorship Makeover Business Growth System and you’re not absolutely blown away with your results AFTER the A$AP Strategy Session (a one-to-one recorded strategy meeting with Mike Young, The Makeover Master), simply ask for your money back right on the spot and you’ll be refunded with no questions asked.

We are so confident you’ll be more than satisfied with your initial session and you’ll want to continue to receive your documented execution plan, all of the foundational trainings and content, access to the vault, the design bonuses as well as the ongoing mentorship and support.



As long as you pay in full or complete your agreement on the 12-month payment option you’ll have lifetime access to the program and any additional materials and upgrades we choose to include in the future. You’ll also have access to continuing mentorship and ongoing support from The Makeover Master and his team.


Amanda Dake


Founder of Funnel Kitchen &
Online Course Success Secrets

"I'm in the industry of helping others build successful online courses and I'm amazed with Mike's ability to take complex concepts and break them down into plain English.

He is one of the most caring and knowledgable people I've had the pleasure to work alongside, he's like a wizard. He can see things I would have not been able to see on my own. Don't wait, work with him!"

Fergus Matheson


Founder of Podcast Genie &
Host of the "Own Your Success" Podcast

"I'd been following Mike for a while and had helped get him on a few podcasts. He's one of those rare people that adds way more value than he takes and he showed me several strategies that have all worked with my business.

Before I worked with him, my offer wasn't converting on a consistent basis and my business was always up and down. I'm so glad we recorded our strategy session because he's simply amazing with a crazy amount of knowledge."

Shauna Clark


Social Media Coach &
Founder of Flow State Social

"It's hard to put into words what working with Mike has meant to me and my business. I met him at an event he spoke at and opened in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

I knew I had to invest and do whatever it took to work side-by-side with him and boy am I glad I did. I've never found anyone like him who took the time to get to know about what I was trying to do in the way he does. Our first strategy session together blew my mind. This program is insane!"



CEO of the Angela Herem Website Development Agency

"I went to The Makeover Master event in Scottsdale, AZ in 2019. Let me just say that I've never met anyone who's given so much value away or helped me understand how to run my business and brand strategy on such a strategic level.

Every time I feel stuck, I ask Mike and he continues to blow me away with his vast understanding of the stage I'm at and what I need to do to break through. He always understands how I feel and has instant answers to my questions. He's amazing."



Social Media Wiz &
Online Marketing Expert

"I was already having heaps of success with my business when I hired Mike. It's hard to put into words how I felt after our very first meeting together.

I guess it felt like this perfect storm of excited, scared, nervous and I had more clarity than I'd ever had before about what I needed to do next and the direction I could take the business. A year later I still haven't implemented everything from our original strategy session and my business has never looked down or back since. This dude is one of the great ones!"

Chris O Byrne


Founder of JetLaunch
Super Fast Book Design & Marketing

"I was excited and took fast action after my strategy session with Mike on one of the ideas, which I would have never thought of on my own.

It nearly doubled the revenue for my company in less than 100 days. This program has changed the course of my business for many, many years to come! He's the real deal and his ongoing support and level of care is truly invaluable."

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 10.09.39 AM


Author  |  Speaker  |  Coach
Helping Authors Have Success

"I met Mike in a Facebook group in 2015 and he helped me with my PDF lead magnet of all things. Who knew just a few years later I'd help him write, publish and launch his first book!

I've not only had the pleasure to work with Mike throughout the years on my own brand strategy and websites, but he's one of the most transparent and caring entrepreneurs on the planet. For real, I mean that, the empathy he has for others is off the charts."

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 3.58.40 PM


Founder of The "Awaken The Fighter Inside 5-Day Challenge" & TFC Program

"I've been able to watch Mike's skyrocket growth over the past few years inside Mitch Miller's highest level mastermind program, The Dark Horse Council.

His passion, drive, knowledge and understanding on many levels continues to impress me. Combine that with his amazing ability to connect the dots for others with a level of care I've never seen in any other online course or program before (besides my own). Hire The Makeover Master today and begin to win tomorrow with your business."



Founder of Soul Purpose - A Non-Profit Organization Helping Troubled Youth

"I thought I needed a new logo and website and I'd been following Mike for a while after hearing him talk on a podcast. Holy shit!

It was like he was inside my head and knew exactly how I felt right from the very start. Probably because he's the real deal and has already done what I was trying to do with my business. If you are even hesitating on this program, don't, you've got nothing to lose and your strategy session may fry your mind! It did mine."



Chiropractor, Doctor &
The Guy Who Fixes What Others Can't

"I spent a decade and a half in my own schooling to become an expert at what I do. But trying to learn the online marketing, advertising and copywriting game felt overwhelming to me.

I was doing too many things, posting, social media while also running my practice with a wife and kids to boot. Mike put everything into a strategy that cut my hours by 90% and I got instant answers to my questions instead of hoping to find the right one through Google."

Carrie Cardozo


The Business Psychic &
Host of "The Carrie Cardozo Podcast"

"I've known Mike since 2015 and his level of compassion to help others win is on another level. Last year I worked directly on my brand strategy, website and launch my new podcast with his help.

If you've been looking for answers and wanting some direct help and step-by-step guidance, look no more, The Makeover Master is what you need. Take that leap of faith, you'll be glad you did!"

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 10.10.11 AM


Social Media Expert &
Host of the "Social Made Simple" Podcast 

"It's hard to describe how powerful the first strategy session is with Mike. I've worked with many other coaches and "gurus" before and I've helped tons of people with what I can do, but I could never seem to crack the code for myself.

In less than 90 minutes, he was able to break things down for me so understood some of the limiting beliefs holding me back. In less than 30 days, I had 4 new paying clients using the strategies he gave me to implement."

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 3.59.02 PM


Digital Marketing Expert & 
Host of the "Binding Authority" Podcast

"I reached out to Mike for some advice when COVID-19 first hit. I'd lost focus on what to do and everything felt like it was falling apart. The best decision ever!

It seems unreal to wake up on the wrong side of the bed with fear and wondering if this virus was going kill my business and then by the end of the day having 2 new partnerships and 3 deals using the strategy he gave me. I'll forever has Mike's back for what he did that day for me."



Founder of Vidya Yoga & Creator of the Bend Don't Break Method

"It took me nearly a week to process all of the gold in our first strategy session together. Mike showed me the power of my story and helped me understand how to tie it all together into a strategy that made sense.

I was referred to The Makeover Master from one of my very good friends in the online space and working with Mike has fundamentally change how I think about and run my business online. "



Health & Fitness Expert &
Founder of "More MandyP"

"I call Mike my favorite unicorn. His vast knowledge and expertise, combined with his own 15+ years of trial and error has created a brilliant program.

It's hard to describe what it feels like to try so hard to figure all this stuff out with positioning, authority, branding, copy, and more. Yet I still found myself stuck and frustrated before hiring The Makeover Master. He's not only the most caring mentor I've ever had, he's just simply amazing at what he does and the process he puts you through. Buy this program and you won't regret it!"