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The Makeover Method Event 2020

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | February 22nd – 24th, 2020


I’m inviting 20 people to an experience that will transform your business and life in a 3-day event you’ll never forget.

I know that’s a bold claim, but those who attended my last event know this event will sell out fast because they’ve witnessed the power and transformation than can happen in only a few days with what I’m about to tell you…


Announcing The Makeover Method – Private Event – 2020



February 22-24, 2020


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Breathless – All Inclusive Resort & Spa


20 People


Mike Young
Clay Moffat
Elizabeth Lyons

The Makeover Method - Event: How to shift your mind, tell your story and build a powerful personal brand that will change your business forever.

It’s time for you to get direct step-by-step tactical help and earn more money, influence, power and respect this year.

It’s time for you to have all the weapons at your disposal and surround yourself with the people who will save you years of doing it alone.

No fluff this year.

No pitches.

We will be giving you our direct techniques, tools and systems that we use to help our clients win the game for good.

Those that have experienced working directly with us already know what’s about to happen for you if you jump on this and invest in yourself.

This is an intimate event with the direct and personal access you deserve that will shortcut the entire game and get the cheat codes from the experts who have dedicated years of their life and hundreds of thousands of dollars in their fields of expertise.

That’s why it’s only 20 people, we want transformation for you and to give you the direct help you need and once they are gone, they are gone until 2021. With our already insane travel schedules, client load and the energy it takes to do this right, this opportunity only comes once a year.

Now is your chance, will you take it?



Mike Young

The Makeover Master

I’ll share the inner workings of The Makeover Method and the exact framework, proven systems and templates you need to explode your audience and build a personal brand with authority. This won’t be lame, generic or theoretical advice at this event, I’m going to show you exactly what to do and how to do it and be available to you during the entire 3 days while I’m awake to help you personally as needed. Only my complete brand makeover experience know what it’s like and you’ll leave not only knowing exactly what you need to do over the next year, but I’m also going to give you all of my proven templates and copy on 3 specific systems that will drive more traffic into your business than you can handle. Implementing just one of these will give you the best year you’ve ever had.

I’ll be answering all of your questions and give you the keys to the castle at this event. Nothing will be held back.


Clay Moffat

The B.A.D. Entrepreneur
The Holy Trinity Of Mind Control

Whether you like it or not… YOU ARE BEING CONDITIONED… You’re either conditioning yourself for what you want, or someone else is conditioning you for what they want. Now, you can have a choice. Find out how you can start to take control of your life, your mind, your freedom through cerebral-coherence-conditioning™. Discover a system that from just 10 minutes a day can reset your way of thinking, feeling, seeing and living in this place we call home, giving you the freeing level of control you’ve always dreamed about. Couple this with the holy trinity of mind-control, and we’ll be diving into unchartered waters of your mind. Navigating the most forbidden places to allow you access into your unused power within. Giving you what you truly want and specifically how to install it. Stop wasting your life and Start living it.


Elizabeth Lyons

Write The Damn Book Already

Elizabeth will show you the most effective ways to leverage your story in order to connect with your audience on a level that will attract your ideal clients, partnerships and followers. She will also discuss the critical importance (and process) of powerful vulnerability when sharing your story in order to deeply connect with and impact others while maintaining brand positioning in the marketplace.

We’ll answer your most burning questions about anything that will help you and your business make more money this year.

*What you get when you register*


3 days of intense, mindset conditioning, money making strategies, tactics, demonstrations, and setting up your strategic plan for the year ahead with questions answered.


A copy of my book “Made Over - How to Create A Powerful Brand That Will Transform Your Business & Save Your Life”


A copy of Clay’s book coming out later this year…


A copy of Elizabeth’s book “Enough”


The Makeover Method System - Learn the exact Makeover 365 Roadmap and Makeover Brand Engine and I’ll show you 3 separate systems with step-by-step templates, copy and answers to your burning questions on how to drive more of the right leads into your business than you can handle


Access to Clay’s Grayzone Underground Membership


Access to Clay’s Live support in the private members group for 3 months post workshop


Lifelong friendships, memories, and business connections


For only 5 people, you can upgrade to the VIP experience which includes:


2 Months of personal bi-monthly coaching with me ($4,000 Value)


1 Month of personal bi-monthly mindset conditioning with Clay Moffat ($2000)


Lunch daily with the hosts


One private dinner with the hosts

Ready to finally add some rocket fuel to your business?

If you only took action on ONE of these dangerously profitable strategies we reveal, you'll make your investment back 100-fold.

Come join us in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico ☀

Please understand these spots will fill up so make sure to reserve your spot ASAP.


1. You must agree to use this knowledge for good. We are also not responsible for how this knowledge is used. You will agree to these terms by signing an agreement prior to attending.

2. Click The Purchase Button Below and Reserve Your Spot

3. We are restricting the capacity to 20 seats only and once they are gone, they are gone.

See you in the sun ☀️ for the most epic event of the year...



Because this event will change everything for you and if you are serious…

You get here.

Wish you had the right mindset, a proven system and a clear plan with confidence to achieve freedom this year?

This is your invitation to get unstuck.

How'd you like to forge precious new friendships and have your best financial year ever by kicking off 2020 with me, the wizard and Liz in Cabo?

This is a place you can finally be understood and get the direct help you need...

Where you can discuss your struggles getting your business up without judgement.

Because starting a business and running a personal brand successfully is damn hard.

And confusing.

And overwhelming.

And sometimes embarrassing...

It can be hard to keep it together when it all just seems like a mess and no matter how much you work on it, nothing seems to really happen.

I know that feeling. I struggled for almost a decade. I know that hopeless feeling of wondering if you should just forget about a better life altogether because of self-sabotage.

You have products you know can sell, but you don't really understand how it all works and getting it out there without being annoying and “salesy”.

You don't know what to do or what steps to take exactly.

Well, think of this event as a once a year opportunity to hang with us while we show you EXACTLY what to do in business with perfect clarity.

And you'll be able to finally do it!

Trust me--once you actually know what to do, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can set things in motion. You already have the brain and the skills, you just need the specific plan for your situation.

All you have to do is have the courage to fly here. Now is the time to stop scrambling. You can learn in a few days what took me years to figure out. Take a bet on yourself and I’ll make sure you’ll be glad you did.

I promise.

I'm going to teach you authority and makeover branding in a way that works and we are going to surround you with other experts to create a custom plan for you that'll give you the clarity and confidence you are lacking.


No. This is actionable advice you will tailor to your business and put into action while there. Using the Q&A sessions along with the after-hours bonding, you'll come away with a custom plan for domination you can't get anywhere else.


Because live in Oregon where it rains all winter and have clients in Canada where it’s -40 degrees and sucks in February.
We all need some damn sun in our lives!


Although this event will be at the amazing Breathless All Inclusive Resort & Spa, you won’t want to be drinking before our during this event.

The mindset conditioning that will happen during this event will be intense and the best results come if you are sober.

We recommend you book your stay for a day or two before and after.

Before so you are rested and prepared.

After if you want to take advantage of more of Cabo and the resort.

You can do plenty before and during the event.

When we aren’t scheming together you can...

🍹Get A Massage
🍹Go Shopping
🍹Enjoy the Sun
🍹Use the Spa & Sauna
🍹Go Hiking

If you want after the event is over, you can celebrate your new found clarity with…

* A Cocktail or Two

- No Early Bird Pricing

- No Discounts


If you think it’s too late to start, it’s not.

If you think you can’t, I promise; you can.

It’s your time to succeed this year, and it starts with a choice to invest in yourself. Do it and your life will change this year!

You need you to believe in yourself here. You need you to take a bet on yourself. Put your excuses and hesitations aside and do what's right for your family and future.

This stuff took me over 8.5 years and $200,000 before it all finally worked for me.

Let’s speed things up at a fraction of the price for you.

Isn't it time to get what you want?

You’re damn right it is.

Shoot me a message and let me know your situation; let's make this happen.

Take a deep breath. You can do this.

I'll help you make it work this year and make freedom a reality for you!

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