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The Made Over Podcast Episode 046 From Anxiety and Panic Attacks To Confident Public Speaker with Lucas Mattiello

In this episode, we are with the Courageous Lucas Mattiello, a TEDx Speaking Coach, Host, and founder of ‘Level Up Living’ that provides programs and training that helped people build self-trust and confidence. Today, he’ll be sharing his brave and inspiring backstory and how did became his tool to guide people in finding their voice.…

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The Made Over Podcast Episode 040 From Middle Class to Millionaire With Tony Whatley

“Trade hours for dollars” was the mindset of today’s guest, Tony Whatley, co-founder of LS1Tech, best-selling author, business consultant, podcast host, speaker, and entrepreneur, back when he was still starting. Tony struggled to finish college. He has to work part-time doing related -chemical plant tasks with other side hustles. Afterward, he worked in different engineering…

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