The truth is there are a million ways to market your business. But when sales are slow and times are tough, it can be tough to see the forest through the trees.

Everything begins to blend together and the last thing you want to do is throw money away on expensive advertising. Especially with no guarantee it will work.

Here are 9 simple strategies that have already been proven to work you can implement today with virtually no risk or money…

#1. Focus On A Single Customer

The natural instinct when sales are slow is to try everything to everyone.

This leads to your message and offer falling flat like a limp lettuce salad.

Instead, you need to focus on a single customer avatar. The person you can help the most, with your product or service that you are most qualified to deliver. When you do that, things quickly come into focus, your message will hit home and you’ll feel great helping others do something you are over qualified to help with that comes naturally to you.

#2. Narrow Your Offer

We all have limited focus in today’s information age of distraction and 24/7 media.

Similar to focusing on one specific customer with a specific problem, you’ll have faster success by putting your solution in one egg in the basket too.

We all want to get the business working fast, but the solution is counterintuitive, offer one thing to one person and watch leads come in and sales begin to happen.

#3. Be Problem/Solution Based

So many business owners try to sell to “women only” or “entrepreneurs between 30-40” as an attempt to “niche down”.

Narrowing your niche and focus is smart, but the way they are going about it is all wrong.

You niche down by focusing on the problems your product or service solves and the archetype of person you help. Do this and you’ll stop excluding people that want to buy from you.

#4. Show Proof

Most struggling businesses skip a crucial step and end up looking like a fraud because of it.

If you help others, show it.

When you hide the proof that you do what you say you do, things look weird and prospect don’t convert into leads, giving you a 0% chance they become a customer.

There are 8 important ways to show proof, utilize as many as you can to show off.

#5. Get Social

All business comes through other people and all money comes from other people’s bank account into yours for an exchange in value.

So you need to run into more people on a daily basis. You can do that by joining new communities and groups online and spending a portion of your day connecting with new relationships.

#6. Help Others

Use those social networks to search for questions you are qualified to help with.

It doesn’t even matter if the question is related to your business or not. Just start meeting new people and helping them.

You’ll be amazed at the opportunities that pop up when you start helping others with something they need right now.

#7. Leverage Your Network

We all have eyeballs on our business and the fastest way to get in front of people that don’t know you exist, is by leveraging other people’s audiences.

Podcasts, live meetings, chats, emails, whatever…

Get your face and business in front of more people in anyway you can. Have 20 friends with an average audience of 500 people? 20 interviews will have your business in front of 10,000 people this month.

#8. Create A Dramatic Demonstration

Houdini used to drive traffic to his shows by showing off in public with a something spectacular a few days before the show.

Holding his breath under water, locking himself in something that seems death was possible, even imminent.

A dramatic demonstration of your skills can get eye balls on your business and then you can sell tickets to your show.

#9. Break An Outrageous Record

It would be fun to create the world’s largest pepperoni pizza or biggest chocolate chip cookie.

Do something that the community and media would flock to and go on tour talking about it and introducing yourself and your business.

“I’m on a quest to get 1000 people to help me build the world’s largest pizza this month. My name is Bob and I own ABC Plumbing located on 4th street downtown.”

That would just be fun to say and do all month with tons of eye balls on your record breaking attempt and business.

There are a million ways to get the business turned around and working, the key is finding the ones in alignment with you, your skills and your energy.