Ask The Makeover Master Episode 9

Running a business is not an overnight success.

You have to embrace the fact that you’re going to deal with hundreds of ups and downs.

It’s all about owning your mistakes, thinking about how you can improve, and celebrating the smallest wins in your business.

Being an entrepreneur requires showing up every day, even if you feel like quitting.

It’s all about showing up because somebody needs to hear your message.

And you’re changing lives with what you do. 

In today’s podcast, Andrew Lees, Patti Katter, and Chris O’Byrne joined me in and I answered their questions around entrepreneurship, mental health, personal development, mindset, and many more.


  • Why trusting your gut plays an important role in dealing with people and decisions in life
  • The best way to show up and combat impostor syndrome in your life
  • How do you promote yourself that resonates with others

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