Ask The Makeover Master Episode 8

Clarity emerges from actions.

Entrepreneurs get so frustrated when things aren’t working the way they planned. 

Quite often, we think that once we identify our mission and vision for our business, it’s enough to say “I am clear with what I want to do!”

But really, action breeds clarity. 

But in every action we take, we need to identify what fits our value structure.

Because if we allow ourselves to take and take opportunities even if it’s not aligned with our values, it’s either you or your business will fail. 

In today’s episode, we talked about their questions relating to clarity, mental health, and personal and team development.


  • Why being clear with your end result is very crucial before taking new opportunities.
  • The importance of having a clear strategy for your business.
  • The simplest strategy to identify if your ideas are good enough.

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