Ask The Makeover Master Episode 7

There’s so much to do but the reality is it never ends.

This is the life of an entrepreneur. 

Unless you give up, tasks, appointments, ongoing learning, business obstacles, and so on will never cease. It’s a never-ending game and a constant process.

The entrepreneur’s journey is lonely, yet have you ever wondered how successful entrepreneurs keep their businesses sustainable?

Taking care of oneself and knowing your value structure are the first steps toward achieving that goal.

Joined by the three incredible entrepreneurs, I’ve delved into these subjects.

And if you’re asking yourself these questions right now and want to know how to improve your business…

  • What’s the best time to launch my skill set package and share it with other entrepreneurs?
  • What do I do when I have too many things to do, but only a few hours in the day?
  • Is there a way to overcome the guilt of not being able to separate work from my personal life? 

Then, tune in to today’s podcast episode as we dive into those questions and give you additional useful tips for your entrepreneurial journey.


  • Find out why figuring out your value structure helps you to be productive
  • Learn about giving time for yourself can make your business thrive
  • Learn more helpful entrepreneurial mindset tips to keep your business running.

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