Ask The Makeover Master Episode 6

There’s a lot of things that an entrepreneur should consider: funds, marketing, and so on.

But one of the aspects that we neglect is our mental health and mindset. And so, when things get rough, we experience crashes. But what do we do? How do we continue when things get tougher? 

In today’s podcast, we discussed psychology, funding, and marketing with the solid three entrepreneurs, Erik Allen – helping MMA fighters and entrepreneurs get known online, Jason Goggans – an online fitness and nutrition coach, and Jeremy Clark – a personal trainer and owner of an apparel company.

There was a discussion about the four pillars of clarity, what matters to an investor (aside from ROI), marketing, and a bit of an entrepreneurial mindset.


  • Learn what an investor should know and how to persuade them to fund your project or business.
  • Discover the four pillars of clarity.
  • Recognize that business is about people paying for the value they receive.

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