Ask The Makeover Master Episode 5

One of the reasons entrepreneurs quit is understanding that running a business is a tough game. It’s filled with failure and adversity, and it can be isolating and you can feel powerless when you’re going through it. And here’s what other marketers don’t tell you: 95%-99% you’ll fail, even experienced marketers do. What do you need to stay motivated in your entrepreneurial journey when things get tough?

Being an entrepreneur could also be overwhelming. One of the things that entrepreneurs enjoy doing for their businesses is casting visions. However, when you have a caviar vision but you only have a tuna fish budget, there’s something you need to work out.

Those are the topics of today’s Ask the Makeover Podcast episode. In addition, Mike discussed in this episode whether it is necessary to include polarizing topics in your content in order to attract a larger audience…or not. And is there a perfect formula as to how many times do you need to show up on social media?

These great questions come from three incredible entrepreneurs who joined me on today’s podcast; Sean Mulroney, Elizabeth Mehditach and Andrew Miraflor.

Listen in and join us as I share my insights around these questions.


  • The real killer is when we allow our negative emotions to stymie our progress.
  • First thing first. Do what needs to be done to get you to the next step and, eventually, to your grand vision.
  • Vulnerability fosters an authentic relationship with your target audience, which leads to sales.

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