Ask The Makeover Master Episode 4

Working in the corporate world, a day-to-day job is a necessity to keep your lifestyle- whatever you may dream to be. This is a routine for every single adult- especially if you have a family at home to provide for. In reality, some work overtime and are still underpaid- so, would you continue this labor for, maybe, the next thirty (30) years? Or would you rather try building a home-based job from scratch- with the potential to give you passive income? At the end of your day, what you do with your time, is your decision.

Meet Jane Kelly, a former adult educator who is now a freelance lifestyle coach to empower aspiring women to take on their dreams while they still can. It is never too late to change paths in life, and while there is nothing wrong with working an office job, sometimes, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

3 Exceptional Takeaways From Today’s Episode

  • Everyone has dreams, but it is your job if you want to pave its path to reality.
  • There are billions of people in the world who have yet to bump into you- your presence leaves some kind of impact on them.
  • Anything can be sold for a profit, even your soft skills- work on them and grow your potential business opportunity.

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