Ask The Makeover Master Episode 3

In this episode of The Ask the Makeover Master, we have three entrepreneurs calling in for advice on how to get their growing business to scale even more. Here we’re answering questions on getting in touch more with your niche, shifting from organic to a wider reach through marketing, and exploring platforms to help you scale to the next level. We talk about tools and tactics to get your business running and growing; but more importantly, how to get clear and intentional with your business so we can start solving the real problems and begin setting that solid foundation for you.

3 Exceptional Takeaways From Today’s Episode:

  • Get clear and intentional with your business. Once you start asking the real problems and solving those first, everything builds on top of it. – Pay attention to your clients but pay closer attention to yourself and what you stand for.
  • Be clear on the direction you are headed in the first place. The clearer you can articulate this, the easier it is to attract your ideal clients.
  • Keep gathering proof and social proof that you’re doing what you say you do. It’s very important to build this momentum for your business so you can attract a wider reach for your business. – When you’re looking to scale your business, you got to go narrow in the beginning and figure out the problems you can solve for your ideal customers. Once you figure out the base, start building a systemized process to attract more people.

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