Ask The Makeover Master Episode 01

The Ask the Makeover Master Show is a podcast that inspires small business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their business in some way. If you’re looking to get unstuck, move on to the next level and breakthrough to the other side, ask the Makeover Master. Call or text into the show, ask your questions and I’ll answer them live. 

In the first episode of The Ask the Makeover Master Show, three entrepreneurs call-in to ask questions on how to improve their branding and marketing efforts for their business. Here we talk about how building a brand and promoting your business goes above and beyond focusing on one color scheme, choosing the best approach to copywriting or running ads to boost engagement. 

We’ll walk you through shifting your focus on what really matters when building and marketing your brand. How a set of values and a show of proof can actually help you establish a strong brand for your business. 

Key Takeaways in Today’s Episode:  

  • Having a strong brand depends on the consistency or congruence with the brand–making sure that how you see your business is in alignment with the market’s perception of its value. 
  • Establishing credibility tops the hierarchy of the branding scale. People meeting you for the first time look for consistency in the stories behind your brand. To be credible, they have to believe and see that you’re actually doing what you say you do. 
  • Build authority by serving your clients and customers in the best way possible, and capturing their testimonials right there on the spot–enough proof and social proof that you actually do what you say you do. 
  • Play above your niche and don’t forget to put yourself out there. 
  • The copy you put on your website must support the purpose and belief you want to build about your business–and nothing more. 
  • Your website must show the clarity of your message and a massive display of proof and social proof of your customer’s satisfaction. 
  • You boost engagement when you build a relationship with your audience by sharing content that has value and relevance to them. Focus on creating connections, trust, and authority through the content you put out there. 

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