"I've invested 15+ years and $200,000+
in business skills, so you don't have to."

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Mike Young is the founder of The Makeover Master, host of the top rated “Made Over Podcast”, author of "Made Over: How To Create A Powerful Brand That Will Transform Your Business & Save Your Life", and a seasoned entrepreneur.

Mike is the creator of “The Mentorship Makeover - Business Growth System” and the "A$AP Strategy Session", as part of what he considers his life’s work and duty to help others avoid the hellish 8.5 years of debt, pain and growing pains (and $200,000+) he spent buying every book and course he could afford, traveling to every seminar and event imaginable trying to get his business to work.

He works with those who have a business but it’s “not really working” and they can’t seem to discover the real reasons why.

Mike’s system and methodologies fix a giant problem that many business owners face in today’s world of generic advice and information overload, a problem that’s keeping them from running a successful business, costing them money, time, energy and focus.

Trying to figure it all out alone, spinning their wheels and trying a lot of shit that simply isn’t working.

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Mike and his team help people who are passionate about their business, but are struggling to get it to work. Many feel confused, frustrated or on the verge of burn out, they want guidance from a mentor who’s been there before and can quickly discover the problems to guide them through a solution with specific advice and a step-by-step tactical plan, along with the templates, tools, scripts, training and examples they need to get the business working fast.

Mike’s invested the equivalent of a Harvard degree in his own self-education for business strategy, marketing, advertising and branding programs. He is well studied, with over 10,000 of dedication to learning his craft.

From running a successful mortgage business in the early 2000’s with 10 offices, six partners, and 250+ employees, to losing it all in the great recession of 2008. Mike went on to create 50+ businesses between 2008-2015 in what he calls his “self-discovery” phase and deeply understands the ups and downs business owners go through.

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Mike is a regular guest on podcasts, radio shows, and television where he shares his extreme journey, crazy stories, advice and the wisdom he gained along the way.

Mike regularly attends high-level masterminds and is committed to getting insider information from what is working best in the online business industry.

Mike has held his own successful live events, developed virtual training programs, workshops, courses and regularly speaks to groups to teach others how to avoid the knowledge over accumulation trap and the business seeking opportunity trap by running and controlling a REAL business.

Although Mike lives a great life with his family and travels the world for business and pleasure, it wasn’t always like that…


My life looked amazing from the outside.
I had all the things...
Recently married to a beautiful, funny and cool girl.
A successful mortgage business, 250 employees and 10 offices.
I lived in a $750,000 house. I owned another $150,000 in sports cars.
Hell, on the outside I was living the dream life.
But behind the curtains, my financial world was crumbling.
The market crash in 2007-2008 was destroying my business and I didn’t know how to fix it.
I felt out of alignment, like a fraud, a fake.
I didn't feel in alignment with who I truly was as a person.
I didn't want to be doing what I was doing.
I didn’t even want to get out of bed in the morning.
But I did what I’ve always done.

My kids


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I must have read more than 500 books. I went to all sorts of seminars and conferences.
I did anything and everything to turn the ship around.
But it was too late, the damage was done.
I remember hiding in my basement crying, trying to make sure my family didn’t see or hear me.
I had a kid to feed. a wife to make proud of me, bills to pay, and a reputation to uphold.
And I was about to lose it all.
It was March 2008, and I was in my business partners’ office when it happened…
I left the office early and went home…
Our mortgage business was failing, I went from liquid millionaire to over $200,000 in debt in less than 6 months.

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My kids-2019

My business partners and even my employees could see it.
Sometimes I could even hear their “cooler talk” about me as if it was any of their business.
I left the office early and went home.
My son was only a year old at the time and I’ll never, ever forget the look on his face when I walked in the front door at 1 PM.
His eyes doubled in size, surprised to see me. His little chubby cheeks turned bright red with excitement…
I knew I worked too much already, but that look… that look did it for me.
It made me realize I'm in my office too much grinding it out at a job that I don't even like.
I'm fucking miserable being judged at the business I created.
I felt like I built myself a prison… Like I created my own shithole job to slave away in…

And my family was paying for it...

I wasn’t going to let my son grow up without his Dad at home anymore.
When I saw that look on my son's face I finally talked to my wife about everything I had been feeling and going through that night.

Her response was eloquent:



My wife is awesome.

The next morning, I was in my business partners' office telling them I wanted out.
I said, “I don't want anything from you guys, you guys can give me $1 to buy me out of the company.”

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The company was failing anyway.
Within 10 days of that meeting, I was out of the company, completely.
March 2008 was the start of my true entrepreneurial journey.

I just failed my first business.
I was about to lose my home.
I was about to lose my cars.
I had NO idea what the hell I was going to do next and I was burning through savings quick.
I was almost broke, and things were about to get a lot worse.
I was on my own. I had no plan and no clue what to do next.
I knew I was unemployable, and I was sick and tired of always being told what to do.

My first business was gone, and I was solo.
Almost broke with a kid to feed and another on the way, I needed to do something and fast.
I remember my wife and I drove down to central Oregon to clear our minds and try to plan a future. We wrote down everything we wanted to achieve on 2 sheets of paper.
She wrote things like a house, 2 kids, debt-free…


Then we came back home and I started getting to work.
I was going to find something I could create which would help me keep THE LIFESTYLE I WANTED.

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So I found a business partner, and we tried to create an online business.
We called it “The Secure Student”.
It was a basic financial literacy program for high school kids.
We took on a bunch of investor money because we didn't know what the hell we were doing entrepreneurially. Then we proceeded to drive that business into the ground and quickly failed within the first five months.

It just didn't work.

I lost over $100,000+ of other people's hard-earned money.

That was my first learning lesson, the market only cares about what the market cares about, and unfortunately for us, high school kids don’t give a crap about financial literacy.

I already lost my mortgage company, and now I had also failed my first entrepreneurial journey, and the fact that I lost someone else’s hard-earned money destroyed me.
Those two experiences back to back crushed my confidence completely.


I'm always thinking about other people's perspectives.
So the mortgage company failure felt like my fault. I let those 250 employees down.
The entrepreneurial failure, I felt like I had just pissed away a hundred grand of somebody else's hard-earned money.


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I felt ashamed, guilty, angry. I felt like I let everybody down, especially my family. I wanted them to be proud of me more than anything in the world. Look at where I was.
The last word I would use to describe me at that point is “proud”. I was so ashamed of myself, I went into hiding from the world for nearly 4 years.

I watched the tow trucks pull up to my home and repo my cars. The phone was ringing off the hook from the bank letting me know they were about to put my home on the market if I don’t pay my mortgage. I was down to less than $5,000 in the bank and I was too ashamed to show my face to the world, I just stayed at home and pitied myself.

I don’t even know what we were thinking, but my wife and I decided to move to Seattle. Maybe I was too ashamed to stay in my city. I didn’t see any of my friends anymore and deleted all of my social media accounts. I literally didn’t want to see anyone, and I didn’t want them to see how bad my situation was. I used most of the money I had left to buy a shitty little minivan (because they just towed my cars) and we uprooted our life to move to Seattle.

I just lost my mortgage business, then lost $100,000 in other people’s investor money on an online business in a staggering 5 months…

2008 & 2009 really messed me up for a long time.

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Looking back at it now, I really should have gone to see a psychologist sooner and just dealt with the root of the issue because it took YEARS to fix it on my own. I felt so much shame around those two failures that I felt it was my duty to beat myself up. Emotionally, physically, financially. However I could, I abused myself. I drank way too much almost every day. Sometimes I don’t know how my wife made it through with me. I got really creative and found little ways to punish myself.

Back when we still had friends, I would always force myself to eat last. If there was a dessert and there was only enough for two people and I was the third, I would just say I don't want any. There were times I wouldn't even eat my friends' food because I felt they paid for the food and I didn't deserve any. (Which is messed up. It's weird.)

Worst of all was the things I would say to and about myself.

The words you say to yourself can make or break you, and I messed myself up pretty bad for a long time with my self-talk.

We were in Seattle for 2 years before I made any friends at all. That was my rock bottom. The lowest point I’ve ever felt. I didn’t feel like a man, I didn’t feel like a good father to my kids and I didn’t feel like a good husband. I knew they loved me, but I didn’t feel good inside… I knew I let them down. Big time. Sometimes I wished I had the courage to just end it all, but I couldn’t do that to my family.

My business literally saved my life.

“FUCK this. I’m done feeling sorry for myself.”
Pardon my French, but those are the words I said to myself.

I had just spent the last 4 years hiding from the world and punishing myself for losing my mortgage company and $100,000 of investor money on a failed online business in less than 5 months. I wasn’t on Social Media and I purposely had no friends, because I didn’t feel like I was worthy of having them. I felt like a terrible Dad and a bad husband. And it was time to grab the bull by the horns and stand up like the man I always knew I was supposed to be.

I was done.

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No more hiding, no more feeling sorry for myself. No more beating myself up or punishing myself for what I did wrong.
It was time to shift into high gear and find out what I can do RIGHT. I knew all the things I sucked at. I reminded myself of them every single day for years. I knew all the things I didn’t like and what I didn’t want to do. I knew everything wrong with me and wrong with what I did in the past.

Now it was time to find out what I do right. What I LOVE to do. What I am GOOD at doing.
I came out of my hermit hole and got back on social media. I stopped hiding from the world and said I'm going to fucking sort out this digital marketing game.

I devoured everything.

Literally almost everything I found online that would help me master the online business game. I learned everything from Leadpages, which lead me to Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft lead me to Digital Marketer where I learned everything (Literally everything, every course, lead magnet, certification... everything).

I consumed everything from the experts to figure it out. I was done feeling pity for myself and I was going to DO THIS. No matter what. DM lead me to Clickfunnels where I was introduced to Russell Brunson, I devoured every piece of content he ever released, 5 years of podcasts, all his business content, books, everything in 42 days of hardcore study and work.

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I was obsessed.

Marketing became my life.

I freakin loved it.

And, I’m freakin good at it.

I remember the day...


I flew over 75,000 miles, attended high-level mastermind events, surrounded myself with some of the best copywriters, advertisers and online marketers in the game today. I went to 12+ countries in less than 24 months, got on over 50+ podcasts to share my story, radio shows and on television twice to begin helping others do something that took me so long to figure out on my own.

I started speaking at others events until I was able to write and publish my first book. I held my own events and began sharing my wisdom and proven systems to help others.

"The Starter Pack Makeover Business Growth System" was born.

What we do is magic. I love it.

We've created something that solves the problem I had in 2008, the business wasn't working but I could never figure out the real reasons why and get some personal help.

Our proven system combines everything I had to discover the hard way over my 15+ years of entrepreneurial trial and error.

Providing direct help from a mentor who can guide you through a personal step-by-step tactical plan, one you can immediately execute, designed specifically for you that will get your business working fast.

A total "get your business working now" system of mentorship, guidance, templates, tools, scripts, training, examples and ongoing support.

If I had something like this in 2008, it would have immediately ended my struggle and confusion, once and for all, giving me a business that attracts your ideal clients consistently, converts more sales and put cash in the bank like I thankfully have today.

I did it. Finally. We did it. I frickin MADE it out of the other side…

Failed mortgage business. Failed online business and $100k investor money in 5 months. 4 years of beating the crap out of myself.

And I finally did it.

I found something I love. Something I’m damn good at. Something my clients rave about. Something I can be proud of. Now I’m working with some of the biggest and best names in the industry. I love my life.

I love my work and who I work with.

I’m a good Dad, and I get to take care of my kids and my wife whenever I want to. I don’t have to go to the office if I don’t want to.

I’m proud of myself again.

It wasn’t easy. It was actually brutally hard and nearly killed me, but I frickin did it.

No matter how stuck you’re feeling right now, keep pushing on. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to work.

I promise you can do it.

It’s never too late. If I can do it, so can you.

You will get there if you’re resilient enough not to give up.

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