There was one thing missing…

And no book, course, software or seminar could ever give it to me directly, even though I desperately needed it.

The gurus seemed unwilling or too busy to offer it and I certainly couldn’t give it to myself.

Before I knew it, I’d spent nearly 8.5 years and $200,000+ buying every book and course I could afford, traveling to every seminar and event imaginable, and this was after running a company with 250+ employees and 10 offices.

I had all the knowledge, information and tools…

I’d rubbed shoulders in person and virtually, with a hit list of some of the very best…

Vaynerchuk, Robbins, Forleo, Brunson, Deiss, Belcher, Porterfield, Hyatt, Miller and so many more…

Yet that one thing still eluded me to the point where I began to wonder if it would ever work at all.

I never questioned my work ethic or commitment, but those closest to me, including my closest friends and family began to question my sanity and wonder if I was simply delusional and needed to “get a job”.

I remember the weeks just before I discovered the thing that changed everything and finally got my business to work.

Self-doubt and self-questioning took over my mind…

Was I good enough?

Smart enough?

Talented enough?

I just wanted my new business as an entrepreneur to work.

So I could set my own rules, be my own boss and avoid the traditional nine to five.

I was willing to invest more to keep going, but I needed something different that the books, courses, software and seminars weren’t giving me.

I was tired of motivational speeches, information overload, spinning my wheels and feeling confused, while watching others who had less knowledge and talent, with inferior products and services, have success around me and almost seem to be flaunting it in my face.

I later learned it was because they all had this one simple thing I’d been avoiding…

It sucks when sales are slow and the business isn’t working and you can’t seem to discover the real reasons why.

But everything was about to change… fast.

I was about to do something I’d been avoiding for sometime.

Maybe it was ego, pride, fear or something else.

Maybe it was just because I’m a guy and guys don’t stop at the gas station to ask for a map when they are lost, which is dumb.

I started connecting with those in my inner circle and asking for help.

I’d been an entrepreneur for almost a decade yet my sales were slow and I was unknowingly about to be forced to close up shop and get a job.

Within a few days I’d found someone who had already done what I’d been trying to do and was willing to give some of his time to help me.

He was glad to help because just a few years prior he’d been struggling and frustrated as hell like I was.

He knew that just one piece of personalized advice from an expert can completely change everything in an instant.

And it’s true.

Looking at my situation and reviewing what I’d already tried he instantly saw things I didn’t. He answered questions in seconds that I’d had for months and he gave me some step-by-step tactical advice to turn things around… fast.

Before I knew it the dots began connecting and sales picked up.

I had cash in the bank and peace of mind that I hadn’t had for years.

I was able to turn things around and get the business working.

Next thing I knew I was being asked to share my story and talk about my entrepreneurial insights. I began paying it forward by helping others in the same way I needed the help.

Today, almost 15 years later, I’ve been interviewed over a hundred times on radio shows or podcasts, twice on TV, travelled around the world to learn from and advise some of the very best experts in the field of marketing and business strategy.

I’ve written a book, held countless private workshops and events, and have reviewed thousands of businesses.

Every time I sit down with someone to help, they are blown away by my ability to show them the light.

Providing them with insights they say “Never would have figured this out alone.”

What I can tell you today for sure is this…

One PERSONALIZED piece of insight from an expert can completely change things… in an instant.

I want you to have that feeling today.

If your business isn’t working and you want to figure out exactly why, take me up on my…

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Insights so shocking and profound, you’d never figure them out on your own.

And now armed with that truth, you can’t possibly fail, when just 5 minutes before… you were unknowingly on the road to closing up shop.

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Why am I doing this?

As you can imagine, after doing a review, some people want me to personally help them move forward in their business, so these reviews are a great way for new clients to find out about me.

I also consider it my life’s work and duty to help others avoid the hellish 8.5 years of debt, pain, and growing pains… and the $200,000+ I spent buying every book and course I could afford, traveling to every seminar and event imaginable trying to get my business to work before it finally did.

When all I needed was a little personalized advice…

All you have to do is stop and ask for directions from someone who’s already done what you are trying to do.

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